Travelling to Turkey with a Baby or Young Child

Travelling to Turkey with a Baby or Young ChildIf travelling to Turkey with a baby or young child first time with a baby or toddler you are probably thinking about the essentials and things you need to know about travelling with your child to Turkey.

Turkish people love kids, most Turks come from large families and family is important here in Turkey.  You can always be assured of a warm welcome with your child, where ever you go and they will always do their best to help you out and make sure you and your family have a great time.

Don’t panic and think you have to pack enough nappies and baby food and essentials to cover your holiday.  With the weight limits on luggage you want to save what space you have for clothes and other essentials you may wish to bring.

You will find a good range of nappies here in Turkey, along with Turkish  brands you will find Pampers and Huggies.  They start around 24 lira about £10/$11 for about 62/72 in a pack.  The best Turkish brand for nappies in my opinion is Molfix which are a little cheaper but only by a couple of lira.

You will also find a good range of baby formula, Aptamil is the main name brand here again starting around 22 lira for a pack.  The Turkish brands are Hero Baby by Ülker, Bebelac and Ülker all good brands and again slightly cheaper than the Aptamil.  You can also get follow on formula and junior milk.

There is a good variety of jarred Baby food, I like the brand Organic, but they are all very similar and they are same as what you would get in the UK/US.   Baby food in jars starts around 2.50 lira.

You will also find a good range of baby rice and wholemeal options of baby rice, oatbran baby rice s called Yulaflı.  Baby rice depending where you buy it starts at 5 lira up to about 11 lira.

You can also get rusks and baby biscuits here and other food options like yoghurt and of course the markets offer great fresh fruits and vegetables if you wish you make your own food for your child while here.

All these are available at the local supermarkets, Migros, Tansas, Kippa (Tesco) and Carrefour.  You will also find a selection of Baby foods, nappies etc at the local convenience store though at a cost.  If you are heading off the beaten track, you should stock up before you go.

Most restaurants in the Tourist areas will offer a child menu or prepare something for  your child on request.

A few things to think about before your travel with your child

Make sure to keep your child hydrated it gets very hot here in Turkey.  Children dehydrate a lot quicker than we do and may not request liquids as often as they require.  So keep them hydrated with bottle water, milk and juice.  Do not use the tap water here in Turkey!

A dip in the baby pool or cool baths will also help your baby stay cool in the hot weather.

Make sure your child is covered on your travel insurance or you have separate travel insurance for you child.  Healthcare in Turkey is not free and you could be looking a huge bill if something goes wrong.  Small issues such as cuts or colds etc are reasonably inexpensive at the local hospital or doctors and medicine here will not break the bank if needed.  But please make sure you have travel insurance for all the family before travelling.

Practise safe Sun, make sure to use a high factor Childs Sun cream, pack long t-shirts and sunhats for your child to wear while in the sun and if possible use clothes with UV protection.  Try and stay out of the sun during the hottest time of the day normally from about noon to 2pm, have a little siesta during this time or do an indoor activity like visiting a museum.

Sun is healthy for your child as vitamin D is important for bone strength but make sure not to allow your child’s skin to burn.  In small children sunburn is extremely sore and can cause your child to dehydrate quickly and you don’t want a trip to the hospital!

Pool and Water safety.  Make sure to be with your child anywhere there is water the sea or pool and don’t let them wander off, it’s easy to relax when on holiday and accidents are quick to happen.  Having a pool or the sea nearby is a great opportunity to teach your child how to swim and about safety around water.

I hope this guide on Travelling to Turkey with a Baby or Young Child has help and I hope you have a wonderful holiday in Turkey and if you have any tips for Mums travelling to Turkey please leave a comment below.

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    Travelling to Turkey with a Baby or Young Child /Good words for this target audience

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    Travelling to Turkey with a Baby or Young Child /Good words for this target audience

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    Are you travelling to Turkey with a baby or young child, find out what you need to know….

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    Some advice on travelling to Turkey with a baby or young child:

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    Some advice on travelling to Turkey with a baby or young child:

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    Some advice on travelling to Turkey with a baby or young child:

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    Hi! I’m from Brasil and I have a blog about trips with babies and kids around the world. Your cinements are fantastic for the mom’s. I will share in my fan page in Facebook, but is in portuguese! Thanks for yours comments it will help a lot of parents!

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    Great post, Kerry. We’re not parents but we have friends coming out with kids of various ages all the time and the parents worry, naturally. I’d just like to add, for anyone reading this, that we had friends arriving recently who needed a baby seat for a hire car from the airport. They heard lots of scare stories that baby seats weren’t available in Turkey. If anyone is worried, you CAN hire a car with baby seat – we did it! :)

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    Looking forward to our trip in two weeks to Turkey, and while the kids a bit bigger, still good advise on the hydration and sunscreen :-)

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